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Just a few of the screens in MES Discipline Tracker Version 4.0

Click the thumbnail picture to the left of the description to see a full-sized picture.

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Discipline Tracker 4.0 Screens

  The main Discipline File screen. From this screen you can view discipline histories, enter new infractions, view totals, view upcoming actions and access a variety of reports and views.
  Quickly create a standard letter to parents. Text you enter on this screen will appear on each letter you print. Tailor the information to meet your school's needs. Also add standard information at the bottom of each letter if you desire.
  Set infraction totals alerts.  Discipline Tracker will let you know when a student has reached your preassigned totals.
  Create a custom list of common actions or infractions to reflect your needs.  These lists appear on drop-down lists when you enter an infraction.
  The infraction entry screen.  You may choose infractions and actions from convenient drop-down lists.  You may also clone the infraction to automatically enter the same details for a second student.
  Infraction and action totals year to date.
  Detention Numbers.  Shows all students who have detention on a particular day.  Prevents overbooking a detention session.
  Track teacher disciplinary referrals.
  Chart action and infraction information.  Charts can be viewed, printed, or the information can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  Actions by Principal.  Compare actions assigned by principals based on infraction types.
  Double click a student name to pop up contact information.
  Action Summary Breakdown.  Break down any action by ethnicity, gender and grade level.
  User defined search of all infractions.  Simply make any combination of choices at the top of the screen to limit the display.  Can be printed.  Totals are displayed at the bottom for current display.
Sample Discipline Tracker 4.0 Reports
  Actions summary report. Select only the actions you want and then print totals or details reports.
  Typical letter sent to parents.  Print the letter with a single mouse click.  Address is formatted to show in a windowed envelope.  Customize the two paragraphs that appear on the letter.
  Custom Letter.  You can create any number of custom letters to meet your needs.  The sample letter is a suspension letter.  Print your choice of custom letters with a click of the mouse.
  Principal summaries.  Good for schools with multiple discipline officers.
  Individual Discipline Summary.  Can be printed with parent comments, private comments, both comments or without comments.  A valuable reference tool during conferences with parents.
  Detention reminders for students.
  Infraction total breakdown.  Gives the number of each type of infraction year to date.
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